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    Engineer's Toolset 9.2 - Service Pack 1 now available


      SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset 9.2  - Service Pack 1

      This Service Pack requires SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset version 9.2.


      This service pack includes fixes for the following issues:

      • Corrects Bandwidth Gauge computation issue 
      • Resolves the following issues in Switch Port Mapper:
        • Certain IP addresses not mapping
        • MAC addresses not returned from some devices
        • Missing DNS name for some devices that only return MAC addresses
        • Nortel switch stacks not mapping correctly
        • Issues with Cisco 2950 and 3550s with IOS 12.21
        • VLANs not mapping

      To install this service pack, complete the following procedure:

      1. Expand the zip file to a temporary location.
      2. Run Update.exe.

      For more information, please contact Technical Support at http://www.solarwinds.com/support