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    Using WMI

      Is there a way to use WMI to create a disk perfomance alert?  Is there documentation somewhere that I am missing? 

       New to ipMonitor but liking it very much so far.

      Lance Wilson
      Network Engineer

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          Hi Lance,

          Are you looking to monitor Disk Performance and have an Alert based on the threshold rate?

          One option is to use the Exchange Server Monitor, but not use the Exchange specific counters.

          Here is a list of system Counters you can use:

          Performance Counters:

          Disk Read Bytes per Second
          Disk Write Bytes per Second
          Pages per Second
          Page File Percentage Used
          Process Queue Length
          Context Switches
          Number of Processes

          The other option is to use our External Monitor in conjunction with a WMI script.  Let me know if this helps.