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    App and Service Ports won't "de-select/uncheck"


      Netflow 2.2

      In the web gui, under netflow, there is section named Application and Service ports. Currently netflow is monitoring over 1,000 tcp/udp ports. I have gone into this section and "un-checked" the tcp/udp ports I don't want netflow to waste its time on.  yes I AM HITTING SUBMIT! :)

      But when I go back into it again, all the ports I did a "de-select" for are once again "checked".

      What am I missing here?   Is there a way to do a "global" "uncheck" and me go in and "check" protocols and apps I want netflow to monitor. I don't have any DecNet running on my network nor do I have IPX, wasted CPU cycles for netflow to work with these which are just examples of 100's of protocols I don't have or need to look out for.