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    Netflow is killing my server, why?


      It appears that way. But CPU and other metrics don't show the CPU pegged at 100% or even 50%.

      Have orion 8.51sp3 with monitoring 162 nodes, 4,071 interfaces.

      Netflow 2.2.1  is pulling data on  52 interfaces.

      server is
      Processor Name:Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU 5160 @ 3.00GHz (Dual Core)
      Memory Installed:

      4,094.98 MB

      have my sql 2000 database on another server is a 4 cpu box with 4gigs of ram.  netflow collection and sql are NOT on the same server. T

      Trying to move around in an RDP session in npm  or even Cirrus is sluggish with netflow service running. But taskman cpu does not show high utilization. If I stop netflow service, the lag which is about 1-2 seconds is gone. 

      The mystery here is I don't have the cpu getting crushed at 40-80%. The gigE interface is not even being pushed at 1%.

       Where do I start trying to narrow down where my issue is? I only keep netflow data for 24 hours.