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    Need guidance on using NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

    Steve Pfister

       I've been given the job of getting our copy of Orion up and running. It was purchased some time before I started working here...

      I'm trying to get some guidance on how best to enable NetFlow in our production network. Our core and distribution layers are mostly 4510R, 8510, 4506, and 4507 switches and 3640, 7204vxr and 7206vxr routers. The access switches are 3500 and 2900 for the most part and I know that those don't support NetFlow.

      - What's the best source of information on what's needed to enable NetFlow on all these devices? I've been doing some searching and I've found bits and pieces of info, some of which seems to conflict with each other.
      - Is there some guidance on what to plan for as far as bandwidth and storage for the collector?
      - If a device doesn't support full Netflow, but sampled NetFlow, will that be worthwhile to use with NTA?