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      APM Feature Requests

      1. Add the ability to force an application polling (useful when troubleshooting)
      2. Display somewhere when the last time the monitor was polled (just like custom MIB)
      3. Provide a UI that displays the process and service list via SNMP or WMI to make adding monitors easier (just like AM)
      4. When selecting a node to assign a template, nodes that are currently assigned the template should not be listed,  greyed out, or uncheckable, but you shouldn't be able to create duplicate monitors for the same server.

      5. When Testing an advanced alert for APM "select application" is not an option. Node, Interface and Volume are the only options.
      6. Ability to know which monitor of an application is down when using APM-Application advanced alerts. (Add Macro/Variable)

      Additional user experience "like" Monitors are needed such as.
       - RADIUS
       - SPOP3
       - SIMAP4
       - LDAP
       - MSSQL Monitor (SQL DB Query & measure performance)
       - TIME, SNTP, NNTP
       - MS Exchange (MAPI)
       - MySQL
       - Windows Media Services
       - FTP (Authenticated and check for the existence of file)
       - Authenticated SMTP over SSL/TLS
       - RPC
       - DHCP