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    Toolset Feature Request


      Packet losses, network utilization and network bandwidth are the components of the network that we are usually monitoring.. and Network Performance Monitor is doing great with this stuffs. I don't know if you would agree with me if i say that we also need to monitor the CPU utilization of our routers and switches...

      We are using HP Procurve switches in our company. When i added these machines in Network Performance Monitor, CPU utilization is not included in the discovered resources. Unlike when i added servers and Cisco Routers, CPU utlization is already included in the discovered resources..  

      I tried to look for other tool that i can use to monitor the CPU util of these switches. In ADVANCE CPU LOAD, an error pops up when i tried to add them. it says:  " is not supported. This version of Advance CPU Load supports Windows, Linux (Net-SNMP), Foundry, Extreme, and Cisco routers and switches" WHY CISCO ONLY?

       i wish Solarwinds Engr toolset would also support HP Procurve.

      MIB and OID of HP ProCurve Switch: 

      Name  hpSwitchCpuStat


      The CPU utilization in percent(%).


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          I would like to add my emphatic agreement to Dexter's post. I have a nearly-all Procurve shop, with close to 100 switches, and it would be really useful to be able to monitor CPU and memory utilization.

          According to HP's site, two key memory OID's are:

          Memory used:

          Memory free:

          The problem is that there is no "resource" within the HP switch called "CPU and Memory Utilization" to select for monitoring like there is for Cisco. Can we please see this feature added?