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    Upgraded to Engineer Edition version 9, now cannot use NPM - PME

      Now that I have upgraded to the new version of the tools, I can no longer user the Project management edition that I paid quite a bit for.  All of my reports are in there, and I can no longer get to them.  I try opening the program, and it says that it is corrupt.  I try to reinstall it, and it says that it requires version 8.  I am being told that all of the PME customers were notified that this was being discontinued, but of course I did not receive that email (however I do get the sales emails just fine).  I cannot find anything abot the PME being discontinued anywhere on this forum either.  So, I'm not happy with not being told about this, and then I'm even more unhappy that there is no solution to import into a newer product (from what support is telling me).  So if anyone know of any way that I can work around this and get access to these old reports, please let me know.  Thanks.