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    V9 Upgrade issues

      We have recently upgrade our V8.5 installation to V9.0 and as a result the devices tab has not generated correctly.

      When we look in the devices tab I see the following

      My Network

            All Managed Devices

            "Comapany Name" Devices (contains a list of sub groups with nothing in them)

            Orpaned Devices (Nothing in this group either)

      When I try and view anything in any of the above groups I will only see devices and monitors if they are in Warn, Down or lost states and I cannot seem to change this filter to view all devices and monitors.

      Does anyone know how to change the view settings on the devices tab.




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          Hello Owen,

          Can you try the following?

          1. Go to "configuration tab" > "My settings"
          3. Remove any check next to "Hide Monitors ... "
          5. Click Save
          7. Return to the device tab

          Next, can you return and let us know if you're seeing the Monitors as you'd expect them?

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              Thanks for your quick reply.

              I checked the settings under My Settings and there were no ticks so I ticked everything saved the settings and then went back in and removed the ticks. This has sorted the problem and I can now see all of the devices and monitors in the Devices Tab