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    Resource monitors using WMI in v8.5

      I'm trying to add some resource monitors using the WMI method in v8.5 without success.

      For example, I select to add a memory monitor and go into the wizard. I set the parameters to point to the server by its IP address, de-select SNMP, leave Use WMI selected, and select the credential which in this instance is the local administrator account for the target server. When I click next I get the following error :

      No memory pools were found at "192.168.xxx.xxx". To resolve this issue, ensure that:

      The IP Address / Domain Name, UDP Port and Community Name are entered correctly.
      A firewall is not blocking access to the remote device.

      I've checked that from the server that we've installed ipMonitor on I can connect to the target server. I've also used the WMI command-line program (wmic) from the ipMonitor server to login to the target server using the exact same login details as used above, and that works fine, and I can access all the servers details correctly.

      On the target server the event log only shows entries for the successful connection attempt using WMIC, and nothing shows at all for the failed attempts made by ipMonitor.

      Presumably ipMonitor using WMI should be the same as WMIC, but there is obviously a difference there somewhere which is allowing me to connect with one method but not the other. Does anyone have any idea what difference that might be?

      Both servers are running Win2k3 SP2.