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    Manual Service Start


      Is it possible to manually start a service through IPMonitor as I've got a couple of services that aren't linked to alerts yet and it would be nice if I could manually start the service rather than having to go to the service and doing it there?



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          Hi Jon,

          It is indeed possible to start or restart a service manually using ipMonitor.  What version of ipMonitor are you running?

          If you're using ipMonitor 9, simply go to the Configuration Tab.  You will see the Server / Workstation Control, once inside, you'll see the Actions drop down box.  Select the Restart Windows Service.  Three fields will appear, Server Name / Primary IP, Credential for Restarting Services, and Services.  Once done, simply press the Restart button.

          If you're using ipMonitor 8 or 8.5, the option for Server / Workstation Control is under the Tools menu option. Everything else will be the same.