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      it seems I can only insert upto 60 characters into the "Filter" field when I edit the resource Top 10 Process Monitors by CPU Load. Where as on Top 10 Applications by Memory Used  I can insert a lot more. the filter I use is...

      Application = 'Exchange' AND ApplicationName = 'Store.exe' OR Application = 'Exchange' AND ApplicationName = 'emsmta.exe' OR Application = 'Exchange' AND ApplicationName = 'exmgmt.exe' OR Application = 'Exchange' AND ApplicationName = 'Internet Information Server'

      Is this by design or has it just been overlooked.

      I'm using RC1.


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           It was overlooked.  I'll submit a bug for this.  The limitation for the filter is only on the edit page.  Everything else should allow longer filters (up to 200 characters)

          To fix the filter limit:

          1. Open C:\Inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion\APM\Resources\EditTopXX.aspx in notepad
          2. Search for this text in that file:
            • <asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="tbFilter" MaxLength="60" Width="300px" />
          3. For the MaxLength attribute, change the value from 60 to 200

          This should let you enter longer filters.  The 200 limit is the same as what AM had. 

          NOTE: This change will be overwritten the next time you run the website portion of the config wizard.


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               Well, I just tried this and found another bug.  When you enter a filter that contains a quote (i.e. Nodes.Vendor = 'Windows') you'll get an error.  To work around this, you'll need to use two single quotes (i.e. Nodes.Vendor = ''Windows'').  This will save the filter correctly.  If you come back to edit the page, the double single quotes will have been replaced with just one single quote so you'll have to edit this one again. 

              In other words, any time you click submit, your filter string can not have just one single quote.  You must type in two single quotes.


              I've submitted a bug for this one as well.