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    map considerations for unmanaged nodes / interfaces


      Again, ability to unmanage interfaces or put in maintenance mode is VERY important, but i think that horse is almost dead :)
      I would like to further that request - how that shows up on the web page....Perhaps a different color indicateing unmanaged instead of using unknown.

      So, when I create custom icons for tri-color...there would be 5 not 4 icons/colors.  <name>, <name>-up, <name>-down, <name>-warning, <name>-maintenance.

      Currently, I have to go into the map for a switch blade and un-associate the object for a port that is "in transition" and that is a HUGE pain in the ****.

      NICETY (perhaps in later version):
      It would be really nice to be able to right click an interface in orion Web and select "unmanage/Maintenance" and put a time limit (a day, 4hrs, etc.) and have the system re-manage after timeout (and conversely remanage from right click).  The Orion web page would not alarm, but the interface/node would change colors to indicate unmanaged/maintenance and back.

       Thanks much!