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    Policy Reporting Tool Requests

      I must say, I really have grown to like the Policy Reporter in Cirrus and I have also used numerous other types policy reporting tools so I wanted to bring some feature requests to the table. 

       1.) White space in REGEX is a big time pain in the neck, and is found in most router/switch/wireless configs.  I would like to see what other applications of this caliber have which is a check box to state ignore whit spaces.

      2.) I would like to see the policy reporting functions be able to automatically do carriage returns at the end of lines.

      3.) I would like to see the policy reports ignore the "!" Character in the configs as well since Cisco configs are known to have them as seperators.

       I am thinking that this would make the REGEX a lot easier to write and make the application a lot easier for someone to implement without having to write as much regex code for each line.  I know it can be done since it is done on a lot of the competing products int he market..... 

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          Thanks for your feature request.  I've added this to our enhancement database (for internal folks this is #1149).

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              There is one more thing that I noticed and think would be useful.

               When you right click on the devices in the report you have the option to run a command cript, can we also make an option available to download configs.  This will allow the command script to be run and then we can run a download on the devices that were an issue and run the report again to show that they are fixed. 


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                  there could be more options on the right-mouse-click option in Policy reoprter it would be great to see some of the options available in the NCM app. For instance It would be much quicker and a lot more conveniant to be able to upload a snippets rather than go through the 'command script' as even when loading a file you still have to include all the commands such as 'conf t' and 'wr'

                  Little things like comprehensive 'right-mouse-click' menus make a big difference.


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                  I'm sure someone has already asked for this, but I don't see it anywhere...  The ability to check multiple instances of a match.  For example, "transport input ssh" exists on all vty stanzas.  Or a description is set for every interface that is not shutdown.