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    Exchange Monitoring

       Having a problem trying to monitor Exchange.  Actually, two problems.  First - trying to go through the 'Exchange Round-Trip Email Wizard'

      I have a profile setup on the ipMonitor machine.  I can log into the exchange server and send/receive with that account.  I'm using those credentials to do the MAPI test.  But I get an error: 

      An error occurred while communicating with the Exchange Server: The downloaded HTML page contains a broken link

      Any ideas?  Maybe related to the second problem.  I can create an exchange monitor and the "Verify..." button retrieves a list of counters and their current values.  So it is connecting and getting values for the counters.  However, the monitor always shows as down "Unable to connect to the remote device" ??

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          Just thought I'd touch base on this issue.  Your first question refers to an issue with the profile being used.  In order to have the profile set up properly you'll need to have actually logged in to the system with the credential and set up the mail profile using Outlook.  I've provide a quick snip of the help below.  Although I have never seen the specific error you refer to in this monitor.  I will investigate it for you.

          Outlook Account Requirements of this Monitor
          To operate correctly, this monitor requires the following Microsoft Outlook environment:
          Access to the messaging subsystem of Microsoft Outlook. A full version of Microsoft Outlook that supports the MAPI protocol must be installed on the ipMonitor server for this purpose. The Microsoft Outlook application itself does not need to be running.
          A Microsoft Outlook Email Account to exist under the default Mail Profile of the Windows User Account impersonated by the Monitor.
          To set up a windows Mail Profile as required by this monitor
          1. Log in to the ipMonitor server using the Windows Domain Account to be used by the MAPI - User Experience Monitor.
          2. Install Microsoft Outlook.
          3. Launch Microsoft Outlook.
          4. Follow the steps outlined in the Outlook Startup Wizard to configure the default Mail Profile for the Domain Account.
          When configuring the MAPI User Experience Monitor, the Credential for Monitoring should directly reference the Windows Account used to log in to the ipMonitor server
          The second problem could be a double impersonation issue.  Ensure that you are not using the same Credential account that the ipMonitor  service is running under.  The only difference between the Exchange monitor and verifying the Exchange server is that the monitor runs as an external process.  Let me know if the double impersonation is the issue.
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              I probably didn't explain that first part right -- I have setup the Outlook/MAPI profile on the ipMonitor server.  I've logged into the ipMonitor server with the user account, started outlook, and successfully sent/recieved email.  I'm using that same windows account for the credentials.  If it matters, it's an older version of Outlook - 2000.

              For the second part, the ipMontor service is running  under the local system account and the credential account is a domain account.

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              Odd... but installing Outlook 2003 seemed to have fixed everything.  I understand it maybe fixing the second problem, but I don't see how it fixed the first.  Not going to argue though.

               Now -  is there any way to get the counters used for the monitor into the report (rather than just 'response time'?)