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    What version of NTA am I running? Need to apply hotfixes


      Hi There,

      I am needing to apply the NTA Hotfixes to fix our issue with the edit netflow sources page getting stuck on "loading..."

      But how do I know what version of NTA I am running at the moment? To be honest I am not sure if these hotfixes have even been applied (nobody in my team does either - the Orion admin person has left the company)

       On the Netflow page it says version 2.1, but is there anywhere I can see if the hotfixes have been installed?

       Also when installing the hotfixes, can I just install the version 3 that fixes the "loading.." issue, or do I need to apply hotfix 1 to 4 in order? Any precuations before installing? Do I need to stop Orion running? Or is it just a double click and accept all the defaults? Will it need a reboot when done?

       Any help would be fantastic!