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    Views at ipMonitor v9.0


      I'm testing the v9.0. I'm creating some monitors for 2 different clients. I have created to accounts for them. The problem here is that the 2 clients see both networks.

      How can I set a view for diferent clients?

      Client A should see Network A and not B

      Client B should see Network B and not A

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          Hello alexmex,

          ipMonitor has just one instance of a view type. They are: My Network, Group, Device, and Monitor. Individual Monitors & Devices are not access controlled. Orion has that functionality you're looking for within the dashboard.

          ipMonitor has been solving your specific problem via its reporting mechanism for a couple versions. You can create a custom report containing only what you want, in the format you want and publish it to disk or email. Some customers / friends have found that publishing the reports (that get overwritten at certain intervals) and publishing them to a specific location (that maps to an IIS server) relieves them of the hassle of account management.

          Reports in ipMonitor can be set to user-access controlled, so it would be possible to have them login and view just the reports you made for them.

          I hope that helps with your dilemma.
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              According to what was alex looking for, will there any plan in the next build release to provide the new features such as

              1. Access control for My Network, Group, Devices, and Monitors
              2. Reports grouping according to Group or Devices
              3. Create report in .pdf format

              I think this forum can also be a facility for the customers to submit their ideas about improvement in the features of the existing version of ipMonitor.


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              I was having the same issue and found the MultiViewstatus application for an older version. I downloaded http://support.ipmonitor.com/tutorials/0ffce8a8ee2c404a8c023b1e638a9ae5.aspx  it and installed it on a webserver and was able to create different views for all of my stakeholders and lock it down via IIS security/NTFS security to make sure nobody saw what I didn't want them to see.