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    NTA 2.2.1 errors in netflow reports

      We are sending netflow version 5 from the VLAN interfaces on a pair of Cisco 6509 switches.  The traffic reported in NTA 2.21 doesn't match known traffic in our network.  For example when monitoring our internet edge we see NTP and ICMP traffic with some occasional UDP, however no TCP.  Other interfaces show unreliable data as well. 

       Is there a release of NTA which will correct these issues due to release?

      Switch Config:

      ip flow-export source Loopback1 (loopback i/f is managed by Orion)
      ip flow-export version 5
      ip flow-export destination 2055

      interface Loopback1
       description Loopback Interface
       ip address

      interface Vlan610
       description Internet Edge Inside
       ip address
       no ip redirects
       no ip proxy-arp
       ip route-cache flow
       standby 1 ip
       standby 1 preempt