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    Any different treatment for customer suggestions/tickets ?

      Hi all,

      Looking at some posts from customers since v9 release, I think there's a different treatment from ipMonitor (SolarWinds) support to handle what were customers suggested or complained.

      Currently when there's a complain or suggestion which need to be took care by SolarWinds support team there will be something like ticket number TTxxxx for ipMonitor project (example Account permissions). Than when everyone also need this treatment, they have to open a ticket with support team.

      But before v9 release, on the previous ipMonitor customer portal (not SolarWinds portal) there always provide ipMonitor new build as the result of improvement, bug fix, patches, etc. so every customer can see it and can download it, so everyone can also be notified that there's something that they can download to improve what they currently have.

      How if not all customers regularly open thwack forum ? Off course they don't know if there's an improvement. I think it will better if notification about everything which was changed also informed on SolarWinds Customer Support Portal. And also provide the new build that can be download by all ipMonitor customer.

      Correct me if I'am wrong.