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      Since changing job, I've not heard anything more on this..... would it be possible for me to get hold of RC1?

      Chris - I sent you an email about this before christmas but got no reply, so I guess you missed it.....

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           Here's the announcement Chris sent out...



          Thanks again for all your help in beta testing thus far!   You’ll find that much of your feedback and reported issues are addressed in our release candidate build.    Before installing, please review the attached PDF for details on APM v1 features, installation instructions, and how to report issues.


          You may download the release candidate build using the link below.   The zip file contains the following:

          ·         APM Release Candidate Evaluation Build

          ·         Update.exe trial extension utility (this should run automatically after APM install an allow you run until 2/20)

          ·         Administrator Guide

          ·         WMI Testing Guide

          ·         Release Candidate Reviewer Instructions




          Thanks and happy testing!


          -APM Product Team


          NOTE FOR EXISTING ORION/AM CUSTOMERS:   Although the APM RC is an evaluation build, you may install on your production Orion 8.5.1 / AM 8.5 installation for testing purposes without affecting Orion or the existing AM module’s production status.  When the APM production build becomes available, you can install it over  the APM evaluation build to bring APM to production status.   If you’re an existing AM module customer with current maintenance, you will be provisioned an APM license.   Please stay tuned as more communication on the APM upgrade and provisioning process will follow over the coming weeks!  



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