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    Monitoring Printers

      I haven't spent to much time on this yet but is there a way that I can monitor a printer, such as toner levels or fuser, so when they get to a certain level I can setup an alert to go to who maintaines the printers?  I have fooled around with searching the OID's but I am still trying to get a hang on those.  Any help is appreciated...thanks.

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          It is possible to monitor a network printer with ipMonitor!  You will want to take a look at the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB.

          Select the SNMP Monitor Wizard located in the Configuration Tab!  This is also available from the monitor list when adding monitors.

          Simply enter the appropriate information into the wizard( ie, Address, Community, OID).  Please ensure that you enter the set community string for your printer. (the default in the text field is 'public')

          To retrieve a walked list of values from the device, simple enter the following OID into the wizard -->

          To retrieve the device status information use hrDeviceStatus(
          To retrieve the printer status information use hrPrinterStatus(
          To determine issues you will need to look at the hrPrinterDetectedErrorState (*. 
          *Note:  Evaluating this value may be difficult as it is returned as a hex value.  Bits are set to determine multiple issues with the printer.  Please refer to the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB description. (viewable within the SNMP Monitor Wizard)

          Once you've selected the value, may continue through the wizard to create the monitor!

          Please let me know if you require any further assistance. :)

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            IPMonitor RC 10.5 has a printer monitor built in, See the screenshot below