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    ipMonitor v9 Issues

      I am evaluating this new version and am seeing an error with the information it is reporting.  On some of my servers, it is reporting that some of the disk drives are 100% full, but in reality they are not.  Is this a bug or is there some other reason why this is reporting incorrect information?

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          Hello vgauthier.

          Can you attach a screenshot, just to get a better area of the software where you're seeing it? (you can do that when you use this forum with IE6 or IE7). That would clear up some potential misunderstandings, then we'd go from there. Should be straight forward to troubleshoot and replicate .

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              See attachment for a screenshot from the Dashboard showing three disks that display 100% utilization.  When I drill down, they show the same information.

              In this same attachment are screenshots from Windows Explorer, which shows the correct disk utilization for each drive. 

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                  This does indeed look to be an issue.  Are you using the WMI tactic for the Drive Space monitors in question?  Are the drives mapped ones?  What is the drive mapping method used, Windows, third party, etc...?

                  One possible solution is to switch the Properties in the Web Resource.  Select Edit, then Properties in the specific Web Resource.  Change your 'Statistic to Display' from 'Free Drive Space (%)' to 'Free Drive Space'.  This will list the amount of free space in size rather then percentage.  Let me know if this solves your issue!