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    General NPM Questions

      I'm new to NPM and switch monitoring in general, so please forgive me. 

      1. I see reference to the fact that NPM shouldn't support any network with over 500 elements.  Is a single element considered a single network device, which has many interfaces, or is a single element considered a single interface on that device?

      2. Is NPM the favored tool in the Engineer's Toolset to leave running on a constant basis, or is there other tools people use on a long running basis?

      3. Do engineers typically monitor all interfaces, or just trunk interfaces?

      4. The single most telling element that I'm interested in this tool, is being notified of excessive errors and discards on a switch/interface.  Is there other things that other people find more telling of network issues?  Is there a list of common alerts engineers setup, or is highly network dependant?

      Thank you all for your assistance,