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    Report Writer Enhancements/Feature Requests


      I'm sure these ideas have already been asked for but I figured I'd also ask for them if that would help with them being fixed in a future release :

      1. PDF/Excel Export from the Web page - I hate having to terminal server into the server with report writer, run my report, and then have to export it to out in PDF/Excel.  Please add icons to export these out from the web page itself
      2. Report value customization from the web site - We tend to run the same reports but just change things like days, times, devices in report writer.  It would be nice from the web page to use drop-down lists, fields, to input the data and run the report versus having to do all of that in report writer.
      3. Corporate logos on reports - Today when I export a PDF my logo isn't on the report, yet when I view it in Report Writer it's there.  Should be a way to get the log on all report formats.
      4. Fix the footer overwrite - Any report over 1 page for me overwrites the SW footer at the bottom of the page.  I see this in portrait set up as well.