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    Script Monitor?


      Who among you would be interested in the ability to run a script on a schedule and have it return an up/down value that APM would show as a new monitor type?  If so, what scripting language?

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          I would love to have this capability.  You should be able to customize the type of value returned (i.e. similar to the custom MIB poller setup, text, raw value, transform table, etc). 

          My thought is that the two most obvious choices would be VBScript or Perl.  There are pros and cons to both.  VBScipt is easier to progam in.  Perl is, in some ways, more powerful and possibly more familiar to the UNIX guys.  However, both are capable of running external programs so you could have a VBScript that kicks off a Perl script.  My choice would be VBScipt, hands down.