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    Installed NTA 2.2.1 last week and I have some of the problems listed in this forum.

      Hello all.  I need some help.

      I just installed NTA 2.2.1 on our polling engine last week and started to export data from our datacenter router to it.  I already have the issue alluded to in the "unmonitored traffic" thread as well as the issue in the "application log error" thread. Additionally, I am having issues with some IP address groups I created.  All issues seem to center around any changes I make (addition or edit of monitored TCP ports and changes to IP address groups).  Am I doing something wrong in how I edit this suff? Also, how do I get this fixed.  I am not logging traffic on the ports I have added or edited and the IP address groups are totally hosed.

      I have opned a case about the port issues yesterday but have not had a response from anyone competent yet.  I need some help.

      Vital stats on my installation:

      HP Proliant DL380, dual Xeon 2.4GHz, 3.71 GB RAM

      MS Windows Server 2003 SP1 

      SQL 2000 Enterprise on a seperate server

      Orion NPM 8.5 with hotfixes.

      472 nodes, 3005 interfaces, 663 vaolumes.

      NTA 2.2.1

      1 node exporting 1 interface: Cisco 7206 VXR,  ATM DS3 45MB pretty highly utilized.