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    QoS Monitoring


      I would like to have cbQoS monitoring in Orion. This has been asked for in several posts including:

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      VoIP/QoS Monitioring - Cisco IP Phones
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      IP SLA Monitor?

      Some of these posts ask for QoS monitoring in the VoIP module forums but QoS isn't necessarily used only for VoIP. Perhaps there could be a QoS module and the same functionality could be rolled up into the VoIP module for those that already own that. I feel that QoS monitoring should be an option separate from the IP SLA monitoring since not everyone that uses QoS needs or uses IP SLA.

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          Stacy Patten

          I completely agree.  This is a fairly critical item for us which may result in the use of another tool to compensate for a horribly manual configuration across many routers with multiple queues.

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              I agree as well. It is not feasible in my environment to create custom pollers for each QoS statistic. We are looking at adding the Netflow module and I have read in other posts that this might be an option for monitoring QoS.

              Is Neflow the best option or are there any plans in the works for a QoS monitoring?

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                  Andy McBride

                  We are looking at supporting CBQoS in a release this year.

                  What would be GREAT for me is if you can give me as much specific information about what you expect to be able to do, what your use case is. Let me know if you would be willing to talk to me directly about this too!