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    Changing NPM chart display defaults?

      I'd like to permanently change the display defaults for charts under Engineer Toolset NPM.  For example, I collect statistics from interfaces on 5 minute intervals, however the default display interval is 30 minutes.  While I can modify this on each and every graph I view each time under "Custom Period", this gets to be a real PITA when looking at multiple interfaces on a device.  Additionally, I prefer the plotting method of Bar Chart vs. the default available Step or Line charts. It also appears that enabling the "auto-refresh" of charts undoes my preferred plotting method I set on each refresh (maybe a bug?).

       Is there any way to change the chart display globally by default, so I don't have to modify every single chart upon opening? I'd like to set my display defaults to 5 minutes/Bar chart, but so far I'm not finding a way to do this.

      Thanks in advance for any pointers.