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    Ideas for Orion


       I have a few things I'd like to see.

      The big one first though. We purchased the wireless add on and then moved to light access points. So now that nice little wireless add on is worthless as nothing is monitored now.

      Map maker has a few different things I could do with. I would like to be able to group the nodes by my custom properites. I spent so much time filling in my new custom fields, Layer(Access/Distribution/Core), Building, Floor, Room. So when I go to map maker it would be nice to see those groups on the left hand side so I can drag and drop it on to my new map without having to search through the names. And it would be nice to drag and drop more than one at a time, i.e. ctrl key or shift key.

      I think on the whole map maker needs to be looked at it does like to crash a lot.

      I'd also like to see a better way of adding new devices to the network, we have just purchased Cirrus so now I have, unless I'm missing something have to add it in 2 databases. I think I can add it to Orion then do an import not adding any existing devices, but it just seems a long winded why of doing things.

       There the main things I can think of at the moment.