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    BGP Status


      BGP within our Network (both internal and external) is becoming all pervasive.

      Will firewalls sitting in the Network path,  it's now not uncommon for a BGP peer to go down without a corresponding interface or router alert.

      Currently the only solution Orion offers is alerts generated from the syslog or snmp message, or custom MIB's - both are fairly user unfriendly IMHO.

      The indication is that Orion will support custom MIB tables in the next release, which may help a little (although I'm not sure exactly how Orion will present or alert on a MIB table).

      Getting to the point....

      I would like to see BGP peer status monitoring become integral to a device (i.e  a BGP peer to be selected/monitored just as we do today for CPU, Memory, Interface status etc).