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    Using information displayed using Switch port mapping

       Hi all,

          I recently joined a company who outsource all their networking. I have some experience with networking and i am moving into a basic network engineering role. I have only just begun to use Solarwinds Engineers Toolset. What I and the rest of the IT staff are looking for is as follows:

                : I have used the switch port mapper to display a list of devices connected to a switch.
                : We want to know what device is connected to a particular port so that we can change the port from one vlan to another remotely with out chasing cables in the comms rooms.

                What i would like to know is if there is a way of breaking down this information further by vlan, or displaying similar information by searching with a vlan name?

                 The goal is to be able to seach for a particular vlan, lets say vlan10. Return a list of devices that are in vlan10. Pick a particular device, see what switch it is connected to and which port. We can then alter the port. The reason being is that we have a number of vlans and a number of users, this would simplify the movement of users to different Vlans, and it would provide the information in a clearer manner than the switch port mapper.

         Thank you for any help that you can give me.