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    Windows Service monitoring

      I've setup monitoring for two windows servers on a single node. The monitor keeps toggling between an up and down state. Every minute it changes states. At 10:09 it's up, at 10:10 it's down, and then 10:11 it's up again. This patterns is repeating since I set it up at about 10AM.

      I'm assuming authentication is OK since it is sometimes up. Any suggestions?

       I'm monitoring resin. The Orion server is going through a VPN to do the monitoring (Orion server is in our head office, monitored node is in the data center).

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          1. You said that you are monitoring two services.  Do both monitors toggle back and forth or just one of them?

          2.  On the Monitor Details page, what does the "Monitor Status Details" line say on the Monitor Details resource when the monitor shows as down?

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              Both services are toggling.

              When it's up it says "Monitor is up.". When it's down it states "

              The WMI credentials are not valid.".

               I should also mention that the machine I am monitoring is 64-bit OS (MS Server 2003).

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                   Is there not more text after "The WMI credentials are not valid." ?


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                      That is all the text showing. 

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                           Can you run C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Orion\SolarwindsDiagnostics.exe and upload the zip file to ftp://devftp.solarwinds.net.

                           I'll send the credentials in a private message.

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                              It looks like each of your service monitors is being scheduled to poll 5 or 6 times rather than just once.  Some of these polls are using the correct credentials (and thus show the monitor as up) and some use the wrong credentials (and thus show the monitor as down).  This is also why the status is changing every minute or so even though the polling interval is set to 5 minutes.

                              Here are some steps that should correct this problem.  

                              1. Stop the SolarWinds Orion Job Scheduler service.
                              2. Execute the following SQL statements against your database (you can use SQL Studio or Solarwind Database Manager)
                                • delete from NPM_ScheduledJob
                                  delete from NPM_ActiveJob
                                  update APM_Component set JobId = '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'
                              3. Start the SolarWinds Orion Job Scheduler service.
                              4. Edit each of your Applications.  You don't have to change anything, just go to the edit page and click submit.
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                                  I tried the above. Now it just stays in a "down" state. So I deleted all the applications, templates and credentials I had setup and started from scratch. I've tried every username/pwd combination I can think of but I cannot get the windows service monitor to work.

                                  The Monitor Status Details are as before: "The WMI credentials are not valid".

                                  Is there any way to tell from the logs which credentials were the right ones? Please don't post the password if it was in the logs.

                                   Was the multiple polling something I would have setup?