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    Can not load Network Map

      Hello everybody:

      Again write to this forum because I am introducing a new unexpected problem.
      Orion The website was functioning very well and this morning I met a problem of projecting maps that were created in mapmaker. The error message I get at the Web site is the sigiente: Can not load Network Map from "C: \ Program Files \ Solarwinds \ Orion \ Local \ ExampleMap.OrionMap."
      The problem is that if the maps include the location indicated. I have tried to solve the problem by restoring the web site of orion and stopping services solarwins and does not work.
      Another problem that I have noticed is that also the gaudgets not reflected in the web page.
      I thought you could deal with the problem of connection to my database, but it makes me somewhat illogical.
      I support and suggestions. Thanks.