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    Unmanaged interface error- using nprobe

      Does anyone know if there could be another reason why I am receiving this error?

      03/12/2007 17:49

      NetFlow Receiver Service [HMAN17] is receiving a NetFlow data stream from an unmanaged interface on x.16.15.152. The NetFlow data stream will be discarded. Please use the Orion System Manager to add Interface #2 in order to process this NetFlow data stream.

      I am monitoring every interface on this device so this is not a true error.

      I am using nprobe and have tried to manipulate every option and have now run out of ideas.

      I just wondered if there could be another reason as to why i receive this error.



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          Can you explain your scenario a bit more?  Can you describe the device(s) being used?

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               The nprobe is installed onto a pc and one of the nic's is plugged into a cisco span port. The other is into the normal network port. When you run nprobe you have to specify the source interface to monitor as per:

              nprobe /c -i 2 (nprobe shows you what interface nrpobe see's as the index number)

              Then you have to speciy the flow in and out source index. The developer of nprobe states that the

              -u and -Q settings are the snmp index numbers of the interfaces associated with the flow. If you do

              not specify these interfaces then it defaults to the mac octets of the source which is seen by Orion

              as being an invalid interface. So i did an snmp walk and obtained the snmp index's.

              The command is then

              nprobe /c -i2 -n destination ip:port (orion module) -u 65549 -Q 65549


              That should work and I have tried 100's of combinations of the above command.

              This worked well in the testing environment although I used a pc for this.

              I just hoped someone has some idea of the product and my problem with the integration.

              I've enclosed a diagram too.