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    Solarwinds Engineer's ToolSet Demo Does Not Uninstall Cleanly

      Has anyone found a way to completely clean their Registry of any SolarWinds Demo installs? Some of the uninstalled remnants are causing problems with other programs we use.
      In my case, I demoed the Engineer's Toolset and my IT guys are still finding evidence of the programs within the computer's Registry along with a host of now unused "programming components" (words from my IT guys, not mine). It's easy to say, "Just reimage your laptop", but my IT guys are really annoyed by software vendors that don't clean up completely on during an Uninstall, much less vendors like Solarwinds that change the permissions of their Registry keys, forcing the IT staff to manually change permissions before deleting keys.

      Any comments and assistance would be greatly appreciated since SolarWinds doesn't provide support to "DEMO Users". "You didn't buy it so we can't support you." was the impression we got from Solarwinds.

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          Engineer's Toolset will leave behind any application databases or configurations to ensure users don't lose their data during upgrades or migrations.   To remove this data, you can simply delete the installation directory.  However, I don't believe this is what you are referring to by "programming components".  

          Can you provide us more details on the registry settings and files left behind on your system (e.g. file names, and directories) and we'll do our best to assist you in removal?