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    Feature request: Dialog box for Custom Properties on Node ADD

      I would like to be able to flag particular Custom Properties as "requirements" when a Node is being added.  What I envision taking place is that after you add a Node and its details present itself in the GUI on the backend, within that Node Details dialog box are a list of Custom Properties below all the information you can scroll through with fields that must be completed before the Node can be Managed/Added.

      In addition to this feature, like the "List Resources", I'd like to see a "Config Custom Properties" button which open up a separate dialog box where you can fill out all the available properties.  Unlike the Custom Property edit that shows all nodes, this would just be the exact node you're editing.  I'd like to see an application GUI with two columns, the left contains the Custom Property name and on the right, either a blank form field for typing information into, or drop-downs where pre-defined Custom Properties values can be selected.

      Of course, this would require a list of drop-downs be configurable within the Custom Property editor, which is not a possibility today.