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    Failsafe button

      Something I’ve learned to do over time is when I am unsure about a setting, (especially when working remotely) is to set a reboot time on a router for 10 minutes,  so if I mess up the system it will come back up in 10 minutes with the previous configuration.

      A config snippet could to do this, but what I think could be added which would make this a great failsafe feature is an automatic timer to abort the reload at 9 ¾ minutes if Cirrus still has communication with the system.  If it was a button on top you could just press it, get to work and go on like normal with no worry about locking yourself out of a system that is 2 thousand miles away.  It also fixes the user error of not stopping the reload in time.


      #reload in 10 "failsafe"

      #(9 min)   -- no saving of the file in this period --

      #reload cancel