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    No Data for Selected time Period


       I am new to the orion product so you will have to excuse me.

       I have added a Cisco 2821 router to Orion.  I can see the interface, and Orion states it is up.  I allowed SNMP and ICMP traffic through my firewall in order to allow for this border router to send it's data to Orion.  When I look at a particular interface, trying to find information like "Total Packets transmitted/recieved", it states "No data for selected time period."

       Any help would be greatly appreciated ...


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          mark wiggans

          Go to Start > Run and type in "Perfmon" in the run dialog box.

          On the perfmon menu bar there is a “+” sign, select the “+” sign, change the Performance Object to “Solarwinds” and select the “All Counters” radial button.

          Click Add and Close. Change the view to View Report (click CTRL+R or click the view just to the left of the “+” sign.)

          From here you should see the NetFlow v5 packet count incrementing. This will verify that you are actually getting NetFlow at the Orion server. If you see any of the other categories incrementing, it means you are receiving data from an “unmanaged – not in Orion” or an “unmonitored – not in NetFlow” device or interface. You may also be receiving the wrong version of NetFlow.

          Also verify that there are no timezone differences between NPM and the SQL server.


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              Thank you for the quick response ...

              You are correct.  The Solarwinds group is not incrementing at all, specifically the netflowv5 packet count is not either.  I did add my router as a NTA Netflow source.  It has a green icon net to it.  It says "Last Data Recieved" is never.  Is there a 15 minute wait period before data is polled ?  How can I confirm what version of netflow my router is running ?  How can I "dummy" down solarwinds to work at that version ?

              Nope, both the server, and the router are right next to tme, and both say 10:27am EST,

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                  Install wireshark on the server and use it to inspect the packets that are coming in.  Wireshark's NetFlow decoder is reasonably robust, and it should tell you what version of NetFlow you're receiving (if any). 

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                      I figured it out, I had to play with the config on the router and the firewall to allow it through.  The Perfmon now shows netflow hitting it.  I waited 15 minutes, and now data is flowing through.

                      Thanks to everyone for their quick support and help.  It made this implementation much easier

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                      How can I confirm what version of netflow my router is running ?

                      Ensure that you have entered the "ip flow-export version 5" command on the router. Also, make sure that the ip flow-export source interface that you have configured on your router is being monitored by Orion. Also make sure that you have the netflow port (UDP/2055) opened through any firewall between the router and the server.