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    NetFlow Traffic Analyzer 2.2.1 now available


      We are pleased to announce the general availability of NetFlow Traffic Analyzer 2.2.1. 

      NOTE:  NTA 2.2.1 is compatible with Orion 8.5, 8.5.1, and later.

      NetFlow Traffic Analyzer version 2.2.1 includes the following fixes:

      • The SQL Open Error encountered when an account with defined limitations attempted to edit the NetFlow Sources resource has been fixed.
      • Resources reporting Total Traffic over similar historical time periods that include both compressed and uncmopressed data now display correctly.
      • A page refresh is no longer required when adding or editing a port on the Edit Application and Service Ports view.
      • The Top XX Types of Services resource is now available in NetFlow Domain, NetFlow IP Address Group, NetFlow Country, or NetFlow Node Details views.
      • Search results are now counted and presented correctly in the Edit Application and Service Ports view.
      • An error that was occurring when nodes not currently receiving traffic are selected and expanded has been fixed.
      • Area charts in IP Address Groups and Unique Visitors resources now display correctly.
      • Resources now display hostnames instead of less-descriptive IP addresses for manually added endpoints.
      • The Domain Details resource of the NetFlow Domain view now reports values for Total Traffic on the selected domain consistent with the same value reported in the Top XX Domains resource.
      • Resources in the NetFlow Endpoint view now correctly report Total Traffic measurements.
      • The chart of Total Bytes Transferred now responds promptly after starting NetFlow data collection.
      • Top XX IP Address Groups resource area charts now display correctly in the NetFlow Node Details view.
      • Labels on the horizontal axis of charts in the Total Bytes Transferred resource over periods greater than the Last Hour now display legibly.
      • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer now properly recognizes English UK regional date/time settings.
      • Group of Nodes limitations can now be applied to Admin accounts.
      • An issue that caused a Website Error when previewing a detached Node Interfaces resource while managing the NetFlow Application view has been resolved.
      • Area charts now display correctly in the Total Bytes Transferred resource in the NetFlow Conversation view.
      • The Last XX Events resource now properly handles NULL entries.
      • An issue where some instances of the Traffic History resource were not working in NetFlow Traffic Analyzer upgrades has been fixed.
      • Time periods for resources in the NetFlow Interface Details View are now consistent whether the resources are embedded or detached.
      • Top XX resources now show correct endpoints when the resources are detached.
      • Resource area charts are now able to display small amounts of data collected over small time periods.
      • Unique Visitors resources now display area charts correctly.
      • NetFlow Service settings were adjusted to avoid errors when NetFlow Traffic Analyzer is running on 64-bit operating systems.
      • The NetFlow Sources resource now lists monitored NetFlow sources in alphabetical order by hostname.
      • Port searches on strings now operate correctly in the Application and Service Ports view.
      • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer version 2.2.1 has restored clickable interface names. In this version, you can drill down through nodes to interfaces and click an interface name to open the Interface Details view.
      • An issue with the timely resolution and expiration of DNS names has been fixed.
      • In certain specific situations, previewing a managed view generated errors in previous versions. This version includes on-screen instructions for dealing with the error condition if it arises.
      • In certain specific situations, clicking an endpoint link in a Top XX Endpoints, Top XX Receivers, or Top XX Transmitters resource generated errors in previous versions. This error condition has been fixed.