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    NTA reporting vs. actual utilization


      I've got a weird one.  I have a WAN router exporting Netflow from it's POS (OC3) interface and it's 2 GE interfaces.  I'm only reporting on the POS.  Orion itself is showing the utilization to be about 5MB in and 30-70MB out.  On the NTA page it only shows 7MB in and 9MB out and hasn't updated in over 30 minutes...like it's stuck.

      One thing I don't like about the Orion NTA graphs is it doesn't show in an nice fashion a summary of traffic in and traffic out of the POS interface.  We appear to be losing or not seeing all the data.

      Is NTA able to understand that return traffic going thru the interface?  We had NetQoS and sicne we have netflow turned on the GE interfaces it understood what was going back thru the interface.

      Any ideas?



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          BB, when I look at the NTA main screen, at one interface, traffic in, traffic out, it always shows a small number even though we get alerts like mad from Orion saying our interface is above 90%.  If I then click on the interface to see the detail, I can see greater totals, but these are 15-minute numbers. One question I have is - What exactly are those numbers on the main NTA page?  Are they a snapshot taken periodically? Or a 5-minute number? And, like you, I would like to know if return traffic is also supposed to be reflected there.  -Debbi

          PS When I asked Solarwinds techies they first had me apply a patch and then when that did not make a difference they said "upgrade to Netflow 2.2".  I cannot do a 8.5.1 and NTA 2.2 upgrade till I get some bugs worked out with 8.5.1.