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    Problem installing/uninstalling TFTP server

      I think that Microsoft auto updater messed up my SolarWind’s TFTP Server installation process.  Now I can not install or uninstall SolarWind’s TFTP Server.  Please help.  The following is a detailed sequence of events.


      I installed IIS on XP.  Then I tried to install SolarWind’s TFTP Server on XP.  Nothing seemed to happen until I tried to shut down the PC, at which time I got the following message:

      Updates are being installed (1 of 4) …
      Do not turn off or unplug your computer; it will turn off automatically.

      This message went on for 4 hours, then I turned off the PC.

      Then I turned on the PC and turned off Windows Auto Updater. 


      Then I uninstalled IIS.


      Then I again attempted to install SolarWinds TFTP Server but the installer informed me that it cannot install because TFTP is already installed. 


      So then I attempted to uninstall TFTP from Add/Remove and got the following message: "Error reading setup initialization file. I clicked OK and another message says "1158:"


      Do you have any suggestion on how I can install or uninstall SolarWinds TFTP from here?


      Thank  you.
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          You should be able to install the product once again after performing the following steps:

          1. Delete the install directory for the TFTP Server (if it exists).  The default location is C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\TFTPServer
          2. Delete the Install Shield directory that contains the TFTP Server install information.  This is located at
            C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{1AA86313-B188-498D-91CF-D017AC5A82A5}
          3. Try to reinstall the product.

          If you experience a "file in use" failure when trying to delete TFTP Server install folder.  You should open the task manager and kill any occurances of the process named TFTPServer.exe and SolarWinds TFTP Server.exe.