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    Regex Wizard


      Take the regex wizard from ipMonitor, and make it available in Cirrus for the Policy Reporting component - would be a great feature and it's already been written! (although it's never that simple)


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          Great feature request!  We will defnitely consider this one for a future release :)

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              I confess to not knowing exactly what the regex wizard in ipmonitor looks like, but what would be REALLY REALLY REALLY helpful is, added to the rules definition box, a text field where you can paste in a blob of text or a whole config, click a "validate" button, and it will (1) tell you if there's a match, and (2) if there is a match, highlight what in your text blob matches the regex (if you pasted in the whole config, for example).

              This would help out when matching banners with a lot of text, formatting and special characters, or when you have a regex that matches something unintended in the config - it can be hard to pinpoint what the problem is.  This would also make it easier to trial-and-error through creating your regex string, making it much easier and less daunting for those less familiar with regex.


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                  I completely agree: I spent a long time wrangling with the policy rules trying to work out why the canned ones didn't work as expected and why my fresh ones wouldn't match anything at all. For what it's worth, I've taken to using RegExhibit on my Mac, and http://regexpal.com where RegExhibit wasn't an option. One thing that tripped me up for quite a while was line-ends: I was expecting to just have to match a \n at the end of the line, but of course with Windows line-end characters, you actually need to check for \r\n. Make it (almost) platform independent by using \r?\n instead.