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    Need better remote poller management


      In our enviroment we have 4 SLX pollers and 1 SLX server running the web site.  When it comes time to do upgrades it can be a hassle upgrading 5 servers.  For one you have to shut down all the pollers. Once you install the software on 1 poller it starts the services and runs the configuration wizard.  You have to again stop all the services and go to the next server.

      It would be nice if :

      1. You can designate a server as the master and it can push the upgrades to the remote pollers
      2. After the upgrade you have a choice to start the services or not
      3. Run the db upgrade/check only once....not every time a poller is upgraded
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           We plan to do some significant work on the pollers in 2008.  We'll be sure to include those idea during that work.



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              Here is another feature request for the Hot-Standby poller.

              HS poller should be in the state to assume polling immediately upon a primary poller failure (i.e., takeover timer threshold reached). Today, upon detecting a primary poller failure, it takes several minutes to ramp up (read into memory the db) before the HS poller assumes polling.    

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                  The same goes for the hotfixes,
                  In V8.1 some hotfixes stop & restart the polling services, while other's do not.

                  I prefer to stop the services myself, install all the hotfixes and then restart the services.
                  Nothing like bouncing the services several times in a minute and sending our 100's of false alerts to everyone..
                  I normally keep the Advanced Alerting service disabled for 15 minutes, until things have stabilized after a restart.