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    TFTP server - installer problem

      I tried to install SolarWind’s TFTP server on XP.  Nothing seemed to happen until I tried to shut down the PC, at which time I got the following message:

      Updates are being installed (1 of 4) …
      Do not turn off or unplug your computer; it will turn off automatically.

      This message went on for 4 hours, then I turned off the PC.

      This happens every time I try to shut down the PC.  There is no “TFTP” or “TFTP uninstall” on the start menu. I deleted the SolarWinds-TFTP-Server.exe file, but still get the same message when I shutdown the PC.  I am sure it’s the TFTP installer because I did not have this problem before attempting the TFTP install.

      How can I remove the TFTP installer from my PC?

      Thank you