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    Monitoring 3Com 4500/5500

      I am attempting to monitor 3Com switches using IPMonitor and have little luck. When I issue the snmp scan the only thing that is returned is the system uptime. Am I missing some config on the switches or something in IPMonitor. I have spoke with tech support to get the custom MIB database but still only see the uptime, Any thoughts?



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          Have you tried doing a SNMP walk on the switch to see what its returning in raw form?  It might have some settings that need to be changed in order for you to get any more detailed information from it.

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            Good day Aaron,

            It sounds like you are using the SNMP-QA Wizard and leaving the OID for sysUptime.  Here's what I recommend, which will likely find everything you need.

            1. Click "Monitors"

            2. Click "Add Server".

            3. Insert the IP address of the switch and the needed SNMP community name.

            4. Click Next.

            This should find CPU usage, Memory usage and Bandwidth Usage for each Port...among other resources.

             Hope this is what you are looking for.

            Chris Foley - SolarWinds Support Specialist