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    Anomaly in Configuring "Access Restriction" of "Configurable Reports"

      Hi all,

      Maybe this one is not a big problem. But I think it will make user have to give more effort if they need to change "Access Restriction" of a "Configurable Report" frequently.

      As we know, we can set whoever that we will give access right to specific configurable reports to. When we go to "Configurable Reports" and select one of the report we had created, ipMonitor will provide "Edit Report" page. In this page, there's an "Access Restriction" section. When we select "Allow Specific Accounts to view this Report" then we can define the Accounts using "Add Accounts".

      The problem is, if I had specified some accounts (let say A, B, C, and D) and next time I need to add an account as addition, let say account E, I can not just select account E in the pop up window which appear after I click "Add Accounts". Because, if I just select account E (because I only need to add this single account as addition to another 4 accounts that had specified before) the result is there's only account E that appear in the list of "Account Name". We can not find A, B, C, and D anymore. So, if I want the result are A, B, C, D, and E, so I have to select all those 5 accounts in the pop up window (include A, B, C, and, D).

      I think it would be very helpful if there's an improvement in "Add Accounts" function to fix this condition. Or is there anyone who can provide alternative way to avoid this way ? Thank you in advance.

      Best Regards,
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          Hi Fauzan,

           I was able to observe the same behavior.  This issue will be forwarded to the Development team so that it can be reviewed and possibly addressed in a future release.  In the meantime, you could use the following trick; since the Add account is presented in the form of a popup window, you can refer to the main window in order to select the accounts that where previously selected and add the new account(s) needed.

           Thanks for the feedback on the "Access Restriction" of "Configurable Reports.