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    IP Monitor and Orion


      Are there any users of both IP Monitor and Orion out there?  I am in that situation, and until Solarwinds has a direction and release as to how they will integrate the two, I would like to add the NOC Status view to my Orion page for our support people to have a one stop shop.  I would like to use my current IP monitor filter settings so I only saw 'Red' or 'Yellow' items from the IP monitor NOC page.

       I thought this might be doable with a Custom HTML module in Orion, but since I am not a programmer of any sort, it eludes me.  Is anyone doing this out there?

       Thanks in advance.


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          We've just installed IPMonitor on the same box as Orion and would like to do a similar thing but I'm not much of a programmer and at the moment haven't got the time to experiment.

          When I do and if I get it working I'll let you know.



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              I seem to recall in a different post that these two products will not merge, per se.  Rather, the plan right now is to put the functionality of ipMonitor into Orion.  I am like you, running both products.  What I really want is to have a unified dashboard of alerts.


              If I get anything working, I will post it.