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    Umanaged/Maintenance Mode request


      I posted this on the Orion side but it should go here i guess :

      I like the 8.5 enhancement of now being able to tell when a node will be remanaged but I still don't like the fact the umanage mode pops up under Down Nodes.  To me that seems the device is down even though the icon looks different....a bit confusing.  I would suggest having a Maintenance Section where nodes/interfaces are unmanaged...not in the Down nodes section on the web site.


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          Hi Bryan, I managed this with adding "Status<>9" this to the filter of the "Down nodes" resource. But I agree it should be added as an on/off option to the resource.

          When we are talking about the manage/unmanaged function, I would also like to add that in the system manager when trying to activate an unmanaged node, there should be an indicator (hourglass) that something is happening.

           Also the possibility to only manage/unmanage an Interface would be great.