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    Packet speed test

      I'm currently trying several different switch and NIC settings between 2 nodes. I would like to make a change then send data between the two nodes an then see what the speed is.

      Then make other changes and test the speed again.

      Is there a Solarwinds tool part of the tool set I can use for this? Right now I'm using a small DOS tool that I start in server mode on one side then  I also start it in client mode on the other node.



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          Hi Magman,

          WAN Killer in Toolset can generate packets, but you would have to use trial and error to find out what max speed was by adjusting the settings until you hit it.  For example, several of our cable customers use this tool to validate that a customer's network link is meeting download bandwidth SLAs. 

          If you're just looking for a GUI interface that does the same thing as your DOS tool, I'd recommend checking out a Freeware tool I've used sucessfully in the past called SpeedTest (by Raccoonworks aka Alan Fletcher):