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    feature requests

      • Make it easier to add a node (one command/dialog to add a node, set the monitored properties, add any custom fields, add to a map, enable alerts, etc...)
      • Map Maker needs a nudge command (eg: move this icon 1 pixel over), also could use the same ability to list by cutom poperty that System Manager has
      • Map Maker needs a "relabel node based on..." option that would relabel the attached label based on various properties (name in DB, DNS, etc..)
      • In Map Maker, it'd be nice to select everything on a map and make a global change to everything on the maps.
      • Ability to to an "update the dns name in the database for this IP"
      • Ack/enable/disbale alerts from Orion Web
      • Windows authentication support for Orion Web
      • Monitor arbitrary network services on nodes - Ideally this would also allow the use of Nagios plugins
      • Be able to change a node from ICMP to SNMP without having to blow it away.  Failing that, an easier way to blow away and reimport a long list of nodes
      • Dependancy tracking (eg: if nodes 1-10 are connected to switch 15, and switch 15 goes boom, only alert me about the switch and put the stuff attached to it into an "unknown state")
      • XML-RPC/Python/Ruby interface to the application.  This would make a number of integration tasks much easy, including dashboarding and configuration management
      • Better alerting.  Alerts right now a huge hassle.  It'd be nice to be able say "For systems with custom property X, run alert Y on failures of A, B, or C if there's a failure for longer than T time interval"
      • To be pedantic from the above: It'd be nice to have the "failure period" not be one global value for everything :)